Pick your Deployment: Virtual, Physical, or Cloud

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100% Software footprint

All in one Physical Appliance

Hosted SaaS offering


Virtual Solution Pricing

up to 100 users
1 TB
up to 200 users
2 TB
up to 400 users
4 TB
up to 800 users
8 TB
up to 1600 users
Software Cost Software Cost Software Cost Software Cost Software Cost
$4000 $6500 $8500 $12,500 $20,500
Annual Support Annual Support Annual Support Annual Support Annual Support
$1000 $1650 $2125 $3125 $5125

Cloud Solution Pricing

1 - 1,000
1,001 - 2,500
2,500 +
per month per month per month
$4.00 $3.50 $3.00
per user per user per user
How do you price your products?

The Hardware and Virtual Appliances are licensed by storage capacity. The Cloud offering is priced by active mailbox, with unlimited storage with no penalty for inactive mailboxes. There is a nominal upfront charge related to importing existing data.

What is “Annual Support”?

For all appliances Annual Support provides regular software updates for the appliance and also unlimited Technical Support via phone or email. On the Hardware Appliance, Annual Support also covers hardware related issues. Annual Support does not apply to Cloud Offerings.

How long is the license good for?

The software license for the Virtual Appliance is perpetual, as long as you keep current on support you should never have to purchase the license again. On the Hardware Appliance, the license is tied directly to the hardware and is not transferable; when the hardware reaches end-of-life (typically 5 years), you will need to repurchase the software license.

What is covered by Appliance Cost?

For the Virtual Appliance it is the initial software based appliance. It includes OS and SQL Database; customer needs to provide the VMware or Hyper-V environment for it to run in. For the Hardware Appliance it is the software based appliance plus the server- class hardware platform containing CPUs, RAM and storage space.

Why do I need it and what is included in “Annual Support”?

Annual Support is required to receive Technical Support and software updates. Intradyn releases updates to its product 3-4 times a year. These updates include feature updates and enhancement and support and security related patches. To archive emails on the Virtual Appliance a valid support contract is required.

Is the storage capacity listed all usable?

Yes, the numbers provided is representative of the amount space available for archiving emails.

Can I expand the capacity?

Yes. On Hardware Appliance, machines can be federated (clustered) to expand capacity. Additionally, the built-in backup functionality can allow you to move older email to near-line storage. The capacity on a Virtual Appliance can be extended through purchasing licensing for the additional capacity.